An extract from the minutes book of the North West Manchester Golf Association

The First Executive meeting
held at Whitefield Golf Club on Monday ?? November 1965

B Wheatley & F Purcell of Swinton Park G.C.
J Booth, D J Carver of Stand G.C.
D Gould & T Gould of Whitefield G.C.
G Whitehead and M Leonard of Worsley G.C.

It was reported to the meeting that the Captain of Stand, Mr J L Mason, had approached the clubs represented, together with Manchester G.C. and North Manchester G.C., with the idea of forming an association of first class 18 hole golf clubs. Manchester G.C. and North Manchester G.C. had rejected the idea, mainly because they already had too many commitments. Two informal meetings has previously been held at Stand and Worsley to talk over the preliminaries and this meeting was called to explore the possibility of forming a Golf Association between Swinton Park G.C., Worsley G.C., Whitefield G.C. and Stand G.C. At the commencement of the meeting, the representatives of Worsley G.C. stated that they were unable to commit themselves for the coming season but that they were prepared to make themselves and their course available for a golf meeting open to members of the four clubs concerned. The representatives from Swinton Park, Whitefield and Stand all felt that an exchange of fixtures between the remaining three clubs was still possible. After a lengthy discussion and after taking into account the offer made by Worsley G.C., the following details were agreed:-

1. That the title of the association be “The North West Manchester Golf Association”.

2. That the President of the association be elected from Stand by the Council of Stand G.C. for the coming year and that for the following two seasons the President be nominated by Swinton Park G.C. and Whitefield G.C. in that order.

3. That the joint Secretaries for the coming year be Messrs. D J Carver and J Booth of Stand G.C.

4. That a “Match play league” be arranged between Swinton Park, Whitefield and Stand, with each club playing the two other teams “home” and “away”. Venues and dates were arranged as follows:-

18th May 1966 – Whitefield v Swinton Park at Whitefield
1st June – Swinton Park v Stand
15th June Stand v Whitefield at Stand
25th June Swinton Park v Whitefield at Swinton Park
13th July Stand v Swinton Park at Stand
27th July Whitefield v Stand at Whitefield

5. That the handicap of players be limited to 18.

6. That each team should consist of 10 players – 4 players between “scratch” and 9 handicap and 6 players between 10 and 18 handicap – Singles matches to be played.

7. That a “points” system of scoring be used i.e. 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie.

8. That the presentation of prizes take place at Worsley G.C. on 21st August 1966

9. That an open meeting between Worsley, Swinton Park, Whitefield and Stand should take place at Worsley G.C. on Sunday 21st August 1966 consisting of a Fourball Better-Ball Stableford competition – also a team prize to be awarded for the best four scores from any club.
It was the feeling of the Meeting that a great deal of progress had been made but that another meeting should be held early in the coming year to finalise the outstanding details necessary to form and run a successful association.
The meeting was then closed.