NWMGA Rules for Leagues Matches

Formulated: August 2007
First Issued: 28 August 2007
Revised: 18 February 2008
Revised: 10 March 2011


The Association shall hold matches between each of the member clubs on a home & away basis.
The committee will publish the dates for all matches. Clubs may rearrange the date of their match and must advise the Secretary immediately.
Each side will consist of 8 players, 4 being single figure handicap and 4 being double figure handicap. All handicaps must be current (active)
There will be 8 games played in each match with single figure players playing each other.
The format will be 18-hole singles match play.
A player with a higher handicap will receive strokes based on the full handicap difference from his opponent.
One point will be awarded for each game. Tied games will share the point.
a)In the event a player is not available, the game will be awarded to the other side providing their player is actually available at the 1st tee at the time of the match. Otherwise no point will be awarded to either team.
b) The AWAY team will be responsible for repaying any catering costs incurred for players not dining after matches if notice has not been given to the HOME team’s contact at least 24 hrs previously.
a) In the event a team does not turn up on the appointed date it will have 2 points deducted from its total points tally at the end of the season.
b) The match is to be rearranged and played before the end of August of that year.
In the event it is not played by the end of August – no points will be awarded.
a) The Trophy will be awarded to the team with the highest number of points after all matches have been completed.
b) In the event of a tie on points, the team with the greater number of away points will be declared the winner. In the event that there is still a tie, the trophy will be awarded jointly.