A short history of the North West Manchester Golf Association

During 1965 the Captain of Stand Golf Club (J L Mason) had contacted a number of local golf clubs to see if there was a possibility of forming an association of first class 18 hole golf clubs. Two informal meeting had been held at Stand & Worsley to discuss this proposition.

On a Monday evening in November 1965 the first executive meeting was held at Whitefield Golf Club attended by:

  • B Wheatley & F Purcell of Swinton Park GC
  • J Booth & D J Gardner of Stand GC
  • D Gould & T Gould of Whitefield GC
  • G Whitehead & M Lennard of Worsley GC

At this meeting it was agreed that a number of events would be held in 1966 although Worsley were unable to participate.

The first President of the association would be put forward by Stand GC and would rotate annually between the member clubs.

Joint secretaries were agreed: D J Carver & J Booth of Stand GC

The 1966 season would see a league between Stand, Swinton Park & Whitefield with teams of 10 players playing singles match-play.

A Fourball Better-Ball Stableford event would be held on 21st August at Worsley.

The second meeting was held on 28th February 1966 at which John L Mason was received as the association’s first president.

The following points were agreed:

  1. That the association be formed between Stand, Whitefield & Swinton Park to foster good relations between the clubs and to hold friendly matches and competitions.
  2. That it is hoped that more clubs would join the association later.
  3. That the system of scoring for the matches already arranged would be 2 points for a win & 1 point for a tie, the aggregate of the individual matches being recorded in the case there should be a tie when all the matches had been played.
  4. That the home club should notify the Association Secretary of the result as soon as possible after the match had been played.
  5. That any disputes should be submitted to the management committee, whose decision would be final.

The 1966 season:

The entry fee for the Fourball event was set at 12/6d per couple with 1st prize set at £6 each, 2nd prize at £4 each & the team prize at 30/- to £2 each.

The final league positions in 1966 were:

P W L T F A Pts
Swinton Park 4 3 1 0 21 14 6
Stand 4 2 2 0 19 19 4
Whitefield 4 1 3 0 14 21 2


The first Annual Dinner was held at Stand GC on Wednesday 16th November 1966 at which 15 dined. Whitefield GC offered to cover the cost of the Team Trophy which had been presented at the August event. This offer was gratefully accepted.

Worsley had decided that they would not be joining the association at this point due to lack of sufficient interest to raise teams for the league matches.

The 1967 season:

A new competition in 3 handicap categories was held at Stand on Sunday 30th July.
Net & gross prizes were awarded in categories 0 – 7. 8 – 13 & a net prize for 14 – 18
The entrance fee was 7/6d.
The first Association Champion was D J Carver of Stand with a gross 72

The 1968 season:

Prestwich GC joined the association.
At the association’s annual dinner the President (Ted Haldane) put forward the view that, with all clubs operating to full membership capacity, it might be a mistake to over-organise the Association and to make any substantial increase in the level of commitment falling on individual member clubs. Never-the-less it was clearly the duty of future Presidents to work for a consolidation of the good start, which had been made, to build on it wherever possible and ensure that the should be no falling off of enthusiasm.

The 1969 season:

Saw the introduction of an Honorary Treasurer & and Honorary Secretary to replace the joint Secretaries. It also saw the necessity to insure the Association’s trophies.

More to come………