NWMGA Visiting Notice

Notes on Visiting Other Member Clubs in 2012

Association Rule 13: Courtesy of the Green

The members of any Member Club staging an Association competition shall be granted the Courtesy of the Green by all other Member Clubs for the duration of the competition, subject to any local rules as to “starting sheets” and “restricted starting times for ladies”, other than the club who has made available their course for the Ladies of Member clubs of the Association, to hold their 4Ball and Team events.

Association Rule 14: Concessionary Green Fee

Association members wishing to play on another member course may do so in accordance with that club’s regulations on starting times.
The concessionary green fee will be set by each club and apply from Monday to Friday.
Certain Clubs will operate a “Starting Sheet” on which you will be allowed to reserve a starting time.
At the other Clubs you will not be able to reserve a starting time.
You MUST ring the Professional of the club to ascertain at what time you are permitted to start.
Please note that each club does have different rules as to visiting and that the Professional will only be applying that Club’s Rules.
If you are not permitted to play as early as you would wish you should not argue with the Professional.

Professional’s Numbers:
Pike Fold: 0161 766 3561
Prestwich: 0161 773 1404
Rochdale: 01706 522104
Stand: 0161 766 2214
Swinton Park: 0161 727 4023
Whitefield: 0161 351 2709
Worsley: 0161 787 8723