A short history of the Ladies North West Manchester Golf Association

The Association was founded in 1982 with the object and aim to foster a friendly competitive relationship between member clubs and to arrange interclub golf competitions.The founding Lady Captains were:

  • Glo Booth of Prestwich
  • Betty Forman of Stand
  • June Eaton of Swinton Park
  • Shirley Ellis of Whitefield
  • Barbara Hilton of Worsley

The first competition to be organised was a 4 ball better ball held in 1982, although not played on the same day as the men’s competition as it is now.

This was followed the next year by the inauguration of the Founder Members’ Singles Trophy matchplay knock out.

Both competitions were well received and have been enthusiastically supported throughout the 25 years of the Association.

Unfortunately in 1989 Worsley Golf Club resigned from the men’s Association with the result that Worsley ladies reluctantly had to relinquish their membership and were replaced in 1991 by Rochdale Golf Club.

The officers of the Association consist of the Lady President, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

The Executive Committee comprises of the Officers of the Association together with the Lady Captains and two authorized representatives from each member club, all with the power to vote.

There are four meetings held each year at the Lady President’s home club.

This includes the Annual General Meeting, which is normally held in February.

Along with the ladies’ golf competitions an annual mixed stableford competition is organised by the gentlemen’s association and is held each year on the last Sunday in April.

On the social side a Dinner Dance organised by the gentlemen is held in January with the Lady President participating as an official guest.

Originally a “Chicago” bridge night was held each March at the Lady President’s club however, as some member clubs were finding it increasingly difficult to field a team of eight, this was changed to a Quiz Night, which has proved very competitive and extremely popular.

The Past Presidents annually have a dinner in February and a golf day in September held at the club of the incumbent Lady President.

The Association’s Constitution has evolved over the years to accommodate the best, fairest and most efficient way to ensure the smooth running of all functions and enabling it’s officers to maintain an impartial and unbiased approach.

The Association is proud of its history and the friendship that has developed between member clubs and their lady members. It is hoped that this friendly competition will continue indefinitely.