Founders Trophy Mixed Greensome Result

By April 29, 2019General Info

The results of the Mixed Founders Trophy held at Pike Fold on Sunday 28th April 2019


1st  G Shoreman & M Topping (Bury)  64.4 points

2nd  P Darcy & E Darcy (Pike Fold) 65.6 points

3rd  N Anderson & L Aspden (Ellsmere) 68.2 points


Hole in one  L Aspden (Ellsmere)


C Harding & C Harding (Stand)

B Sinclair & S Sinclair (Swinton Park)

A Coulson & B Coulson (Pike Fold)

J Eaton & J Speight (Bury)

J Pearson & E Morris (Swinton Park)

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