Formulated: 1966
1st Revision: 1969
2nd Revision: 1978
3rd Revision: 1982
4th Revision: 1985
5th Revision: 1992
6th Revision: 1999
7th Revision: 2009
8th Revision: 2010
9th Revision: 2011
10th Revision: 2012


The Association shall be called “The North West Manchester Golf Association”


The objects of the Association shall be:
(a) To foster a friendly, competitive relationship between Member Clubs
(b) To arrange Golf Matches and Competitions
(c) To arrange Social Events


The Association was founded in November 1965 by Stand Golf Club, Swinton Park Golf Club and Whitefield Golf Club. Prestwich Golf Club was elected to membership in January 1968. Worsley Golf Club was elected to membership in November 1977. Worsley Golf Club ceased membership in October 1989. Rochdale Golf Club was elected to membership in October 1990. Worsley Golf Club were reelected to membership in September 2008. Pike Fold Golf Club was elected to membership in November 2009.

The Association shall consist of recognised Golf Clubs, elected subject to the unanimous approval of the existing member clubs at a Special Meeting with all Member Clubs represented and each one having a single vote for this purpose.

Any Club wishing to withdraw from the Association must give notice in writing to the Hon. Secretary before the 31st December in any year.


Each Member Club shall pay such subscription as shall be decided from time to time at the Annual General Meeting or at any General Meeting at which prior notice shall have been given.


The Officers of the Association shall be the President, the Immediate Past President, an Honorary Treasurer and an Honorary Secretary. They shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office until the conclusion of the next Annual General meeting.

The President of the Association shall be nominated by each Member Club in rotation. Any one of the Member Clubs may submit a nomination for the office of Hon. Treasurer or Hon. Secretary.


The management committee shall comprise the officers of the Association, together with two authorised representatives from each Member Club. The management committee shall conduct the affairs of the Association in accordance with these rules, and shall have the power to organise and arrange the playing of all golf fixtures and competitions and to adjudicate in any disputes arising therefrom.


The management committee shall meet as often as may be necessary and such meetings shall be convened by an Officer of the Association, with the approval of the President.

Six members shall form a quorum consisting of not less than two Officers and one representative of each of not less than four Member Clubs.

The President, or in his absence, the Immediate Past President, or in his absence the Hon. Treasurer, shall take the chair at all management meetings.

The Hon. Secretary shall keep Minutes of all such meetings.


The Hon. Treasurer shall keep good and sufficient records of the financial affairs of the Association and shall submit a statement to the Annual General Meeting. He shall account for all monies accruing to the Association from its events.


The Hon. Secretary shall be responsible for the organisation of all golf matches, golf competitions and social events.


An Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held during the month of March every year, at which the following business shall be transacted:
(a) To receive the President’s report of the year’s activities.
(b) To receive the Hon. Treasurer’s report, together with the Financial Statement for the year ended 28th February.
(c) To consider any other business, of which written notice has been given, not later than 31st January.


General Meetings may be called by the Management Committee or by a majority of Member Clubs to consider any business not covered by the rules, or to consider changes to the rules. At least twenty-one days’ notice of such meetings must be given to all Member Clubs and the Past-Presidents of the Association, stating the business to be considered. In all such cases, the management committee shall appoint the place and date and convene the meeting accordingly.

Recognised members of all Member Clubs are entitled to attend and speak at any General Meeting but voting at such meetings is restricted to five duly authorised members from each Club, together with the Officers and Past-Presidents of the Association.

The President, or in his absence, the Immediate Past President, or in his absence the Hon. Treasurer, shall take the chair at all General Meetings.

Resolution of voting is by simple majority. In the case of a tie, the Chairman shall have a casting vote, in addition to his own vote.

QUORUM for General Meetings: At least THREE Officers, SIX Past Presidents and representatives from at least FOUR member clubs.


(a) All matches and competitions will be played according to the Rules of Golf, as approved by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, and the bye-laws of the Club on whose course the event is being held.
(b) A tie for all competitions will be decided by a “card play-off” in accordance with the regulations laid down by the Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs.


The members of any Member Club staging an Association competition shall be granted the Courtesy of the Green by other Member Clubs on the day of the competition, subject to any local rules as to “starting sheets” and “restricted starting times for ladies”, other than the club who has made available their course for the Ladies of Member Clubs of the Association, to hold their 4 Ball and Team Events.


Association members wishing to play on another member course may do so in accordance with that club’s regulations on starting times. The concessionary green fee will be set by each club and apply from Monday to Friday.


A Junior is defined as a person who is under 18 years of age on 1st January of the current year. However, some Association clubs consider 18 year olds not to be juniors after their birthday. As such the NWMGA will allow persons who have attained their 18th birthday during the current year to participate in matches or competitions – unless there is a Junior event on that day – in which case the Junior event will take precedence.


These rules may be amended only by the consent of a General Meeting, of which notice has been given in accordance with the rules governing General Meetings and stating the proposed amendment in the notice.